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We champion the investment management industry

The UK investment management industry plays a major role in the economy, helping millions of individuals and families achieve their life goals by helping grow their investments (mainly through workplace pensions). In fact, 75% of UK households use an investment manager's services (knowingly or unknowingly). The industry also invests billions of pounds in companies and the financing of transport networks, hospitals, schools and housing projects. The industry supports 115,000 jobs in the UK, including over 14,000 in Scotland. It's the largest industry of its kind in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after America.

Our members range from small, independent UK investment firms to Europe-wide and global players. Collectively, they manage over £7.7 trillion of assets on behalf of their clients in the UK and around the world. That is 13% of the £59 trillion global assets under management. We act as their voice and represent their interests to policymakers and regulators, and help explain to the wider world what the industry does.

We help our member firms become better businesses

We want our members to achieve the best results for their customers, both in the UK and internationally. To do this, we lead learning, training and development initiatives to ensure compliance with the law and industry best practice - all while attracting a more diverse workforce into the industry. We also consult widely with members on issues affecting the industry, such as market trends, new technology, and data use.


Our four categories of membership cater for the diverse range of organisations that make up the investment management industry.

Full members include stand-alone investment management firms, insurance company investment management arms, retail banking and investment banking groups, independent niche providers, and occupational pension scheme managers.

Affiliate members provide services to full IA members. Affiliate members include fund supermarkets, thir-party fund administrators, data providers, consultants, and accountancy and law firms.

Fintech membership is open to technology firms who provide solutions to the asset management and capital markets industry.

Sector membership is for firms who wish to classify their funds in the IA Sectors but not participate in the wider industry activities of the IA.

Regulatory Info

The main sources of regulatory information of the Association's membership are:

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