Slovak Association of Fund Management Companies

Slovak Association of Asset Management Companies (SASS) was established in 1998 on the foundation conference of SASS by 6 investment companies, which understood the collective investment as portfolio investment and considered the unit trusts as its principal instrument. Today, the member base consists of 7 regular members and 12 associated ones.

The Association became the most relevant partner for Slovak Ministry of Finance in case of preparation of legislation in the field of collective investment. Own Rules for transparent business and other binding regulations were elaborated for its members. Another important task of the Association is regular collecting, processing and distributing of data about figures of funds performance. The Association also started to organise a seminars and trainings for professionals. Even the Ministry of Finance delegated the Association to arrange and execute the state exam needed for some professionals in the field of collective investment business.

Naturally, the Association is a member of the EFAMA and thus is in touch with preparation of legislation in this area within the whole European Union, which will certainly influence the Slovak jurisdiction as EU member. Regular attendance at a professional conferences and meetings of the EFAMA is also necessary prerequisite of building an appropriate structure and technical basis of the Association as an important self-regulated body in the frame of financial sector with a significant role in the process of the transition of the Slovak economy. The first step on the way to achieve the membership status of EFAMA has been done since the Association has obtained a status of EFAMA observer.

Regulatory Info

Among main sources of regulatory information of our jurisdiction are:

  • Collective Investment Act
  • Act on Financial Mediation and Financial Consulting and following amendment of Collective Investment Act.
  • Amendment of the Act on Securities and Investment Services (The Securities Act)
  • Act of decrees for reducing influences of global financial crisis on bank sector
  • Decree of National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) to determine the way of property value in mutual fund
  • Decree of NBS to regulate required elements of an application for prior approval NBS pursuant Collective Investment Act.
  • Decree of NBS on the submission of statements by entities providing for distribution of securities and depositories of mutual funds for purposes on supervision under above financial market.
  • Decree of NBS for the way to prove fulfillment conditions to license for running activities of individual financial agent and to license for running activities of financial consultant
  • Decree of NBS of professional examination and professional examination with certification for purposes Financial Mediation and Financial Consulting Act

The above-mentioned Acts can be found on the webpage of National Bank of Slovakia The website also has an English version.

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