Membership to IIFA is open to any recognized investment funds association for a particular jurisdiction, or an appropriate representative of an identifiable investment funds industry. All membership applications are subject to the review and approval of the Board of Directors.

IIFA Members are entitled to:

  • Access detailed quarterly international statistics
  • Access the member website
  • Conference attendance and networking opportunities
  • The opportunity to participate on committees to work on issues of common interest
  • Access to the global membership for information and assistance on issues

IIFA Members are expected to:

  • Provide statistics from their jurisdiction, or indicate intention to participate in the quarterly international statistics
  • Pay fees to maintain membership and support association activities
  • Attend the IIFA annual conference and spring meetings
  • Keep contact information for the association and its personnel up-to-date on IIFA's website
  • Contribute as much as possible to requests for information from other IIFA members, and to periodic IFA surveys
  • Contribute to discussion panels during the IIFA conference when requested

Membership fees:

For most members, fees are based on each member's AUM as reported by IIFA at year-end.

Decision Criteria

In assessing new member applications, the board will consider the following criteria:

  1. Whether there is formal regulation of the management and distribution of investment funds in the applicant's jurisdiction;
  2. Whether the applicant is a recognized investment fund association;
  3. Whether the applicant is willing to abide by the IIFA bylaws, pay the annual membership fees and participate in data collection for international statistics;
  4. Whether the applicant is willing to contribute to the general work and business of IIFA.

Please contact John Parker ( to discuss the current membership application package.

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