Argentine Mutual Funds Association (CAFCI)

CAFCI represents the interests of the Argentinean mutual fund and asset management industry. CAFCI is committed to promoting public understanding of investment funds.

The Argentine Mutual Funds Association is the point of contact for politicians and supervisory authorities on all issues related to the investment fund industry and represents the interests of investment fund management companies.

CAFCI's functions and attributions:

  • Represent the common interests of its associates in political and regulatory matters;
  • Promote the development of the activity of the investment funds in a transparent environment through, among other actions, the dissemination and publication of relevant information that may affect its development and the interest of investors;
  • Act as the main point of contact for politicians and the media on all matters regarding the regulation of the investment industry;
  • Mediate between the investment industry and politicians;
  • Encourage dissemination and knowledge of the economic and social function of the mutual funds in order to allocate national and foreign savings to them;
  • Promote, coordinate and carry out all those acts related to public authorities related to the interests of the industry.

Regulatory Info

The main source of regulation for investment funds in Argentina is available (in Spanish only) at our website: Click here under the selection (Marco Legal).

Association Members



Valentin I. Galardi

Ximena Poliszuk
Tel: +54 (11) 5272 1430


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