Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA)

Purpose: to promote the sound development of the financial investment industry by maintaining and establishing fair business practices among members and protecting investors

Membership (as of 17th Oct, 2017):

  • 241 Regular Members: Licensed financial investment companies (e.g., dealing, brokerage, collective investment and trust services)
  • 113 Associate Members: Registered financial investment companies and concurrent financial investment business entities (e.g., discretionary and non-discretionary financial investment advisory services, banks, insurance companies)
  • 23 Special Members: transfer agent companies, collective investment vehicle assessment agencies, bond rating agencies, Korea
  • Listed Companies Association, KOSDAQ Listed Companies Association, Korea Securities Depository

Functions: Self-regulatory body & Trade association

  • Self-regulatory functions to maintain prudent business practices
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Deliberation of investment advertisements
  • Research and study of related regulations on financial investment services
  • Policy recommendation to the government and other related organizations
  • OTC trading of stocks listed neither on the Stock Market Division nor KOSDAQ Market Division of the Korea Exchange
  • Formulation, amendment, repeal and implementation of business standards for members on OTC derivatives
  • Pre-review of new OTC derivatives
  • Registration and management of financial professionals
  • Maintenance and management of the disciplinary records of executives and employees of KOFIA™'s members
  • Data management and disclosure on debt securities trading
  • Business support for its members and promotion of mutual interests
  • Professional Education
  • Investor education

Regulatory Info

Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act

Association Members


Jae Young Han

Director of Int'l Affairs Dept
Tel: ++ 82 2 2003 9280

J. C. Na
Chairman & CEO

Theresa Ryu
Tel: ++ 82 2 2003 9283

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Head Office
Tel: ++ 82 2 2003 9280
Fax: ++ 82 2 786 3799

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Theresa Ryu
International Affairs Department
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