Asociación Mexicana de Intermediários Bursátiles, A.C. (AMIB)

The mission of the AMIB is to promote growth, development and consolidation of the stock market as the best channel for savings towards the domestic and international financial system, as well as to promote conditions that favor their healthy and effective performance.

AMIB has 30 members and 34 partners.

AMIB's functions

  • To represent and insure the interests of the stock market participants, with all kinds of public and private instances.
  • Studies, analyzes and constantly promotes, through its technical committees the issues of interest of each of its members and provides consulting and advisory services.
  • Acts as a self-regulatory body in coordination with all other self-regulatory bodies in the securities and derivatives markets.
  • To coordinate the effective identification of needs of stock market participants in terms of instruments, operating procedures, infrastructure and services for the continuous improvement brokerage system, including the management and implementation of public and self-regulatory standards in that underpins the ongoing development of stock and derivatives markets.
  • To encourage ethics and professionalism among its members, through the determination of standards for self-regulation.

Regulatory Info


  • Mutual Funds Act
  • Mutual Funds Bulletin of the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (National Banking and Securities Commission)
  • General provisions of the Banco de México (Central Bank)
  • Securities Market Act

The above can be found here.

Association Members


Ernesto Reyes Retana Valdés
Director of Technical Committees

Elizabeth Mora Zamudio
Tel: +52 (55) 5342 9208


Contact Info

Head Office
Tel: 5705 0277 y 5726 6600

IIFA Contact

Sonia Garcia Almazan
Deputy Director of Investment Funds
Tel: +52 (55) 5342 9228

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