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Finance Finland (FFI) is the common voice of the Finnish financial sector and represents the interests of its members. We are the modern financial sector's most skilled, most efficient representative nationally and internationally.

We represent banks, life and non-life insurers, employee pension companies, finance houses, fund management companies and securities dealers operating in Finland. Our members also include providers of statutory insurance lines, which account for much of Finnish social security.

Being the representative of the entire financial sector makes us unique in Europe, where the different types of financial companies typically organise themselves with their own interest groups.

Our core mission is to influence the regulation and decision-making that affect the financial sector. We build an operating environment where our members can increase Finnish and European well-being through their business.

We raise decision-makers' awareness of the impact that regulation has on the financial sector and ultimately on the whole society. We bring expertise to legislative processes and take part in societal discussion whenever it concerns the financial sector. We also represent financial employers in the labour market.

Regulatory Info

The main sources of fund legislation are:

The Act on Common Funds ("the UCITS-law") and The Act on Alternative Fund Managers ("the AIFM-law").

The regulatory structure is described on the website of the Financial Regulator (FIN-FSA).

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Jari Virta
Head of Asset and Fund Management
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