Associazione Italiana del Risparmio Gestito (ASSOGESTIONI)

Assogestioni is the Italian Association of fund and asset managers. Our membership covers all Italian asset managers and the majority of foreign managers operating in Italy. At the end of 2010, its 318 members manage total assets for more the euro 1000 bn. and include fund and portfolio managers, pension funds, banks and insurance companies.

The mission of Assogestioni is to promote the development of regulatory and market conditions leading to the growth of the asset management industry, while enhancing both market efficiency and protection for investors.

Since 1984 Assogestioni has been representing the interests of the industry toward institutions and regulatory authorities and actively contributing to the debate on regulation for the industry, both at the national and at the European level. It is also a member of EFAMA, the European Fund and Asset Management Association.

Assogestioni's activity revolves mainly around 4 areas:

  • Data collection: collection of data directly from its members and publication on a monthly basis on the Association web site and in the major financial newspapers;
  • Regulation: monitoring, commenting and participation to the drafting of new Italian and European legislation, proposals for improvement of existing legislation;
  • Self regulation: promotion of sound governance of asset management companies through the drafting and the monitoring of the actual level of implementation of the Association code of conduct;
  • Technical support: provision of legal and fiscal advice to its members on technical issues concerning the industry regulation;
  • Training and education: training and educational activity both for the industry professionals and for the general public.

Regulatory Info

The main regulatory bodies for the sector are the Bank of Italy and the Consob. The relevant documents can be found on Assogestioni's website.

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