Romanian Association of Asset Managers (A.A.F.)

The Romanian Association of Asset Managers - A.A.F. (ex unopc) - is a professional independent non-governmental organization representing the operators from the collective investment bodies industry acting in Romania. AAF is a full member of EFAMA and its portfolio includes:

  • 19 asset management companies (S.A.I.), having under management 57 undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities -UCITS open end funds- (OPCVM) and 16 non UCITS - closed end funds (AOPC)
  • 5 financial investments companies - FIC-the FIC type is non UCITS - they are closed end investment companies, based on instruments of incorporation, which issue a limited number of shares and are listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. (the FICs are derived from the private ownership funds)
  • 3 depository banks;

All are full members.

AAF mission:

  • to promote the concept of collective investment in securities as well as the activity of its members;
  • to contribute to the organization and activity of its members so as to insure compliance with national and international norms and standards in the industry;
  • to contribute to the training and development of the organizational, legal and professional frameworks which trigger the upgrading of its members activity;
  • to insure easy access to the specific know-how and best practice tools for the investors and the general public of the industry, including increasing awareness in respect to the rights and obligations, advantages and risks incurred by the activity performed by its members;
  • to develop and raise the professional standards of its members;
  • to insure a high level of professional qualification and know-how of the union's staff, which needs to be consistent with the international professional standards and requirements;
  • to set up and develop strong connections with governmental and non-governmental organizations, both national and international, aiming to encourage the exchange of industry-specific know-how and best practice in order to promote the romanian capital market and collective securities investments in our country.

Regulatory Info

For Romanian market the regulatory body is The National Securities Commission.

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